The story behind OzoCare


OzoCare offers professional care services brought to you by the leading service provider OZOGROUP. The company serves as a bridge between assisted living solutions, hospitals and clinics and the elderly.

The aim is to keep people with special needs, old people and people suffering from dementia or other lifestyle hindering diseases and not requiring to leave their home and remain in their community resulting in a healthier life and less stress from having to change lifestyle.

OzoCare will allow the elderly to have a life, remaining in their homes, go for coffees or walks and continue their daily shopping in their town.

We do not call our clients patients anymore.


Well Known Facts


  • Ageing population is growing exponentially
  • People are living longer
  • Direct relatives of ageing people have a busy work life
  • Various commitments taking priority over the care of their loved ones
  • People wanting to keep their old lifestyle
  • People want to stay in their community
  • It is always heart-breaking to tell a person that he or she cannot live in their home town any longer because “there is no one to take care of you”


How we can help

We are hoping to service our friends with the lifestyle they deserve. This is an excellent opportunity for them
to enjoy their retirement within their community.


Babysitting & Childminding

As a natural extension of its care-giving services, OzoCare has developed reliable, trustworthy and professional baby-sitting and child-minding services. The award-winning OZOGROUP is now providing child-minding and babysitting services for one-off occasions, regular support as well as long-term requirements. Our services are being well received and requested by to local residents as well as visitors.
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Cleaning Services

Our cleaning staff is ready to assist on one-off projects, regular visits or also part of the Ozo Carer package. With cleaning equipment from OzoMalta, and expertise coming out of the OzoAcademy, our staff are prepared for any cleaning job. Our Friend will not need to pick up a sponge anymore. OzoCare will do the job.
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Transport to & From hospital

Why should a Friend or their relatives call an ambulance every time he or she needs to visit the outpatients department? Our packages are tailor made to fit a number of trips to and from hospital and we will make sure that our Friend is chauffeured in pure comfort and discretion.
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On-call Nurse

Our nursing staff is available for our Friend. Whether it's a regular check-up or a regular visit, we have the help you need. Our nurses will assist your GP into keeping an eye on the well-being and medical needs administered.
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Security Services

A safe Friend is a happy friend. OzoCare offers security services for any type of domestic requirement like Home-minding facilities during long hospital stays, but can also dispatch it’s own force from the OzoSecurity team when the Friend is unresponsive or signals an emergency call to our HQ.
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Maintenance Service

Our team of handy people are also trained for various domestic needs. A malfunctioning kettle, or no pressure in the sink, a clogged WC, or no hot water. We can fix it.
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Meal Delivery

As an optional extra, for Friends who do not have the capacity to go shopping, cook and prepare food we also cater for ready-made meals based on specific dietary requirements, delivered hot or ready to be heated to the Friend’s doorstep.
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Coming Soon – 24/7 Helpline & App

At OzoCare we want to minimize risk during any eventuality during the daily life of our Friends. We keep an eye on them through specifically designed user friendly apps, operated through a tablet where our helpline will expect the Friend to check-in and notify the person on the other end that “everything is in order”. For any eventuality, our helpdesk is ready to assist, even referring medical attention should the Friend’s doctor be unreachable, we can help at any inconvenience that our Friend can come across.
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Platinum Care Package


We are offering a top quality premium service at very accessible rates. Our friends will be able to continue fulfilling their normal lifestyle with the help of our services. This will not only increase their quality of life, but also that of their family members.



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Tips for Communicating with a Person with Dementia

You are not a burden. You HAVE a burden, which by definition, is too heavy to carry on your own!


Let's Become Friends


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